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  217 West Main Cross, Taylorville, Illinois  

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Fresh Bouquet

Whether you’re looking to gift your mom a fresh or potted plant this year for mother’s day, we have what you need and will deliver on time in our Main Street Florist van. Stop in today and take a look at our inventory; new flowers arrive regularly.


We have fragrant flowers like roses and tulips. We also have ironware and pots filled with annuals for your mom to keep on her desk at work or her favorite spot at home.

Incomparable Mother’s Day Flowers

  • Fresh bouquets

  • Ironware filled with annuals

  • Potted plants

  • Spring bulbs

A variety of mother's day flowers

Let your mom know you’re thinking of her on her special day with flowers from Main Street Florist.

All flowers are guaranteed fresh. Call us today.


217 West Main Cross, Taylorville, Illinois  

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